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Air quality has always been a topic of great concern to people, so with the increasingly serious smog in recent years, air purifiers are also a product that people often want to buy. But sometimes if some rooms are relatively small, you may feel that there is no need to buy a large air purifier with some waste, but if you choose a small air purifier, you may feel insecure, worried that it is not particularly good without any effect. This article will tell you whether or not small air purifiers work.


Do mini portable air purifiers work?

In fact, whether it is a large purifier or a small one, we must choose the brand quality, after all, the brand is good, so there is no need to worry about the late use effect, after all, since it is a famous brand, presumably its technology must be passed, and the production of products will naturally be very useful. 


mini portable air purifier


What are the benefits of a mini portable air purifier?

Even if it is a mini portable air purifier, it also has the air purifier should have the effect, so let's take a look at some of the basic effects of small air purifiers, hope to give you some knowledge so that when choosing can be more targeted.

1, purify the air: air ions make dust, smoke, pollen, droplets and suspended microorganisms, and other air-soluble substances easy to settle, and can oxidize organic substances in the air and eliminate their odor, so it has the role of cleaning air and improves environmental quality. 
2, sterilization: air ions can be attached to the air on the dust of bacteria, microbial viruses, and other combinations, making it down. Experimental studies have proved that air negative ions have a strong inhibitory effect on air microorganisms, so that viruses lose the ability to attack cells, and thus have the effect of reducing bacteria to purify the air. 
3, eliminate static electricity: the electrostatic phenomenon is generally caused by ions with positive electric charge, negative ions in the air will be combined with positive ions, playing the role of eliminating static electricity. 
4. Biological effects: Experimental studies and clinical observations have shown that air anions have many biological effects on the body.


In fact, compared with large machines, there is no big difference in function between mini portable air purifiers, because the original brand uses the same technology. The only difference is that small air purifiers use some scaled-down versions. And small air purifiers can have the same function not less than large ones, in addition to the basic role of purifying the air, but also to eliminate bacteria and eliminate static electricity, and so on. So after understanding this knowledge, if you want to install a mini portable air purifier for your home, it is safe to buy it. After all, it is enough to use a small air purifier in the case of a small environmental area.


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